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PT Facts

Total Chick-ins as of July 4, 1998:

Total chick-ins in 1997: 55,604

First Nets
25 January 1977146.910/146.310Fayetteville, NC
14 September 1977146.940/146.340Durham, NC*
21 January 1991146.850/146.250Goldsboro, NC
*Now the 147.225/147.825 Hillsborough repeater

The Possum Trot Net celebrated its 21st birthday on Jan 25, 1998.

Session #5000 was held on 146.31/91 on 22 March 1996

Chick-in number 500,000 was on 5 July 1996

States with NO P/T Members
Nebraska, Wyoming

Countries with P/T Members
Turkey, Peru, Panama, Greece, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Republic of South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Liberia, Sweden, Scotland

Canadian Provinces with P/T Members
Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec

Official P/T Closing

All you possum trotters remember the code of the possum, walk softly and wear a big grin. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and if things go wrong, don't go with them just hang in there like a hair in a biscuit.

That's all for now friends, because the tall pines pine, and the paw-paws pause, and the bumble bees bumble all around. The grasshoppers hop, and the eavesdroppers drop while gently, the ole possum slips away.

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