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Guidelines for P/T Net Control Stations

General Net Outline

  • Open the net at 6:05A.M.
  • Between 7:05 and 7:10A.M. ask Howard, K4QXA, to roll out the "Paw-Paws"
  • Close the net at 7:15A.M.
  • Switch to the 147.075+ Pittsboro Repeater for calling the P/T Numbers to the Judge, WA4LZD (There will be a few dozen or so check ins on the 147.075 repeater--this is acceptable)
  • At approximately 7:30A.M. call the P/T Numbers back to the Judge, WA4LZD. Call them back to the Judge in increments of 10, pausing after each 10 to have the Judge verify and tell you to proceed.

    During the Net one of the regular net controls will check in Romeo PT# 1044 and Juliet PT# 1045 for alternate net controls.

    Possum Certification

    An amateur (tech. class or above) can be certified as a Possum Trotter when he/she:

    1. Has 5 consecutive check ins.
    2. Has any 5 check ins if he/she resides 100 miles or more from Hillsborough, NC.
    3. Has 10 staggered check ins.
    4. Is coming through North Carolina (tourist, etc.), but lives in a state other than North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia. Person must be an amateur (cannot be sponsored). He or she will be a H/A (half-authorized) possum. The H/A designation can be deleted when he/she gets 5 check ins.
    5. VIPs and celebrities can be possumized without fulfilling perviously stated rules if the Judge directs net control to do so.
    6. Non-amateurs may be certified as possums if they are sponsored by a certified possum with an amateur call. Transmission should be listed as third party traffic.


    No. of Check InsAward Possum
    1,000Slick Tail
    2,000Grinning Possum
    3,000Big Mouth
    4,000Grand Old Possum
    5,000Little Possum Legs

    Record of check ins is maintained by Gaynell, NE4T, and the Judge, WA4LZD

    Other Guidelines and Rules

  • A possum trotter can not check in other individuals. Net controller must hear the voice of the person checking in. Exception: another Net Control can relay a check in to the Net Control calling the net.

  • If a possum trotter requests an updated certificate, there is a $2.00 charge.

  • No charge is made for the original certificate. Money for stamps, envelopes, ribbons, seals, etc. is collected at Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro Hamfests by selling $1.00 chance tickets or through donations.

  • A possum who calls a net qualifies for an "O'P" award. Cost of an "O'P" award is $2.00 plus two first class stamps.

  • If an alternate is calling the net and a person checks in who qualifies for certification, a regular net control will do the certification(possumizing) if the alternate would prefers not to.

  • Certifications are prepared and mailed by Bud, WB4MMY, and Joyce, KD4ELL.

  • Song Sheets Colors: Monday - Blue, Tuesday - Pink, Wednesday - Yellow, Thursday - Green, Friday - Red

  • To comply with FCC rules, make sure each amateur states his/her amateur call in addition to their P/T number.

  • All nets are numbered. July 1, 1997 will be net #5162.

  • Nets are normally held Monday - Friday, but holiday nets such as Christimas Day and New Years Day, etc. are frequently called--especially when a holiday occurs on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • Any clarification of rules must go through the Judge who generally calls a "plank" meeting with the net controls when question arise. The P/T Net is a friendly good morning net and is not intended to be formal, but guidelines and rules are necessary to comply with FCC rules and to treat all participants fairly. In order to check in the more than 100 check ins in 70 minutes, net control must be in control and exercises good judgement.

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